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Find Deals Fast

BirdDogBot saves you time by automating and simplifying your deal-finding…

Find The Best Real Estate Deals In Your Market

BirdDogBot runs lightning-fast searches of its entire network of freely available property listing sites for the best deals in your market that meet your investing criteria.

Laser-Target The Deals You Want

Search for properties by any combination of city, state, zip, or county. You can further-filter by price ranges, bedrooms, bathrooms, listing status, and property type.

Monitor Classified Ads

Get notified of new highly-targeted classified ads as soon they’re posted on sites like craigslist.

Automate Your Real Estate Deal-Finding

BirdDogBot automatically runs searches, analyzes properties, monitors classified ads, and sends you an email notification summary without requiring you to login or run any special software. Just set it and forget it! Video Start Finding Deals
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Monitor Property Listings With Precision

It’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to monitor property listings with this level of detail without BirdDogBot…

Negotiate With Leverage

Know everything about the history of a property listing to get an unfair advantage when negotiating deals.

Detailed Property Listing Monitoring

Monitor and track listings over time – if the asking price, market value, rental income, or any other information BirdDogBot tracks ever changes, BirdDogBot let’s you know exactly what changed and by exactly how much.

Property Proformas Created Instantly

All property facts, including market value estimates, photos, listing details, and more are all displayed on a single easy-to-read and easy-to-follow page customized for each property.

Visit Neighborhoods Without Leaving Home

Each property has a one-click link to Google, Bing, and Yahoo maps so you can use “street view” to virtually visit your properties. Video Start Tracking Deals
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Analyze Deals With Ease

BirdDogBot gathers and crunches all the numbers for you…

Analyze Properties Using Your Custom “Deal Criteria”

BirdDogBot only returns properties you want and ignores properties you don’t need to waste your time sifting through or looking at.

Pre-Configured & Customizable Analysis Settings

BirdDogBot comes pre-loaded with default analysis settings so you can get started right away. As you tweak it to analyze deals the way you want, it remembers your settings so you can save time by not having to repeatedly entering the same information over and over again.

Add Your Own Deals

Add your own properties and let BirdDogBot fetch market values, estimate rental income, and analyze each deal. It does all the math so you don’t have to.

Import Deals From External Sources For Analysis

Have a large list of properties you want to analyze? No problem! Export a list of properties from another system (like the MLS) and import them into BirdDogBot so it can analyze them for you. Video Start Analyzing Deals
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Share Deals With Other Investors

BirdDogBot gives you control over what information they can see…

Share Deals With Investors and Money Partners

Share links to the deals in your BirdDogBot account with others and hide specific details about a property so they can’t steal the information.

Build a Buyers List

Build a massive list of buyers using our optional lead capture form when sharing your deals so you can acquire and sell properties fast. (Investor Edition and above only).

Secure Access To Your Private Deal Data

All your deals are kept confidential so any deals you find are NOT available to other BirdDogBot users.

Access Your Deals Anywhere

Your deals are just a click or a tap away with our mobile-friendly web interface. Video Start Sharing Deals
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“Peace of Mind” Features

We’ve got you covered from every angle…

Mobile Friendly

Your BirdDogBot account and all its functionality is fully accessible from any device that has a web browser. No software download or installation is required.

Video Tutorials

BirdDogBot is super-easy to use but in case you get stuck, there’s a library full of video tutorials that show you how to get the most out of every feature.

New Feature Updates

We’re constantly adding features to BirdDogBot. You’ll always get instant access to make sure you’re on the cutting-edge of finding real estate deals online.

Friendly Customer & Technical Support

Need some help? We’ve got you covered. Our super-fast support team is here to answer any questions you may have about BirdDogBot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Do Real Estate Investors Say About BirdDogBot?

Check out what some of our customers have to say…

I really wish I had BirdDogBot when I started investing in real estate!

I’ve been investing for five years and really wish I had BirdDogBot when I started!

It’s a VERY simple to use but POWERFUL program. It is honestly one of the easiest programs that I have ever used. It has literally saved me thousands of hours in analyzing deals. It’s like having a darn-near free assistant finding and analyzing deals for me! Besides finding and analyzing deals, BirdDogBot also gives me rent comps, which are very important to me being a landlord. As if all this wasn’t good enough, BirdDogBot added my new favorite feature… importing your own deals! Yes, I can take any deal, wholesale, flip or rental that I have from anywhere (including MLS!), it doesn’t have to come from BirdDogBot and I can import it using Excel (or OpenOffice), for BirdDogBot to analyze!

The customer service is really the best. It’s really refreshing to find support this fast and thorough – and believe it or not but BirdDogBot support actually listens to you and implements your suggestions. It’s a fantastic program at a nominal price.

Thanks BirdDogBot!

Landon Rothstein
 Houston, TX

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BirdDogBot allows me to make better decisions

I am new to the Real Estate investment world. This software is helping to educate me and it allows me to make better decisions on how to create and execute deals

Dorian Shinholster
 Philadelphia, PA

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