The Costs Behind Excavator Rental In Miami

So, you’ve arrived here because you’re curious about renting an excavator in Miami Florida. Generally speaking, the heavier machines the more complex of an action they perform, which equates to the costs being higher. Fear not, we have just the company in mind to help you out and it’s located right here in Miami. Excavators can perform a range of tasks weather it be dredging a river, preparing a construction site for building a house, or demolishing a house. Whatever the task at hand is you will definitely require an excavator rental  in Miami if you want the job done efficiently and effectively, time is of the essence these days. Many people, be it an individual or a company, do not have the cash on hand to outright buy an excavator. This leaves you with one option – rent the machine. That’s right, heavy equipment rental is a thing. There are a million and one agencies where you can rent an excavator. It will do the job right but at the end of the day it will go back to where it came from. That is not our concern because all we wanted was to get the job done by all means. Renting an excavator in Miami or just anywhere for that matter is a fairly easy process. Most excavator rental companies will deliver your excavator to you.


What Is The Purpose Of An Excavator

It’s a good idea to inform you a little about these machines and what they’re used for primarily. Generally, an excavator is heavy duty equipment which does heavy construction and destruction work like snow removal, dredging rivers, mining, demolishing houses, digging of trenches, all material handling, drilling in of shafts for footings and general purpose rock blasting and trenching. A backhoe is an excavator that drags a bucket attached to a hinged boom.

How Do I Get An Excavator Rental In Miami

Renting an excavator in Miami isn’t a difficult thing as you can see by the link we provided. Renting is not close nor is it similar to buying, thus the equipment being rented out will not become a possession of the client. However, that does not equate to rental machines which are not well maintained. An excavator rental company wants to maintain their reputation and will keep up the maintenance of their equipment. The people of Miami would want to see quality rental equipment working on their property whenever they decide to rent. Let us take a look at some of the best features of most rental excavators.

  • Absolute all-around visibility. The technician operating on the equipment will be able to see all angles from the same position and posture on the seat. This will enable him/her to adjust and cope with different topography of the land thus facilitating efficiency and less time wastage. With this in place there will be no incidences of rotating the cabin to have a good look at the working environment. Less complicated and easy to use joysticks.
  • This equipment is not designed to teach someone how to operate an excavator. They are made to deliver. These machines have been simplified to shorten the time needed to move the hand from one handle to the other thus making them enjoyable and easy to operate. They require less experience in the event that the client wants to operate on them himself.
  • Comfy and climate controlled cabin. Most modern excavators have climate control due to harsh conditions like rain and even intense sun. With that in mind the operator needs to also be sheltered from harsh conditions because he is the one operating the machines. Thus the operator’s cabin is designed in such a way that all weather conditions would not affect the progress of the job they are performing.
  • The excavator services in Miami are reliable. Demolish, dig, dredge and even re position the backhoe without having to leave the seat. Basically you are able to perform multiple operations from the same position of the seat. This makes the operator less fatigued because he/she will not be required to move from the seat all the time.

Pros and Cons Of Renting An Excavator


  • No long-term commitment – The beauty of a rental is that you’re not paying for the excavator when you’re not using it. Renting is also a great way to test out an excavator you’re thinking of buying before making a long-term commitment.
  • Cost – If your needs are short term, renting an excavator is much more economic than buying one. You can rent an excavator for several months for less money than the cost of most excavator down payments. And if the machine breaks down, you’re usually not liable for the repair costs.
Excavator Renting vs Buying


  • Lack of ownership – When you don’t own an excavator, you don’t have one on hand if you need it at a moment’s notice. You’re also bound by the rules and regulations of the rental contract.
  • Not a long-term solution – If you find yourself renting an excavator over and over again, it might be time to think about buying or leasing one. Rental costs can quickly add up over the long term.

Purchasing An Excavator

Brand new, a full-sized excavator costs anywhere from around $100,000 to $500,000.

  • Mid-sized excavators weighing 15 to 20 tons (the most common size) generally range in price from $100,000 to $200,000.
  • Large models weighing 30 to 40 tons are often priced between $200,000 to $400,000.

Most accessories cost extra. One bucket comes standard with most models, but if you need multiple buckets or additional sizes, budget about $1,000 to $5,000 each. Powered attachments such as rakes, blades and hydraulic hammers can cost $5,000 to $10,000 each.

Pros and Cons Of Purchasing An Excavator


  • Ownership – The most obvious advantage to buying an excavator is that you actually own the machine. It’s always there when you need and there’s no waiting for a rental company to drop it off and pick it up.
  • Tax advantages – Equipment purchases are tax deductible in the first year. As of 2012, you can deduct up to $139,000. In most cases, the amount of depreciation in the first year is also tax deductible.


  • Cost – Excavators are extremely expensive pieces of equipment. And buying one usually involves a significant down payment and several years of large monthly payments.
  • Long-term commitment – Buying an excavator is a long-term commitment. You can’t simply return it if you’re unhappy with the purchase. Renting is a great way to “test out” a model you’re thinking of buying.